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Meet Your Driver


Christopher Howell
Current Vehicle:
2023 Toyota Camry                                         
  Rides Given
2017 Nissan Altima                                           
Uber                               12.407
Total years Driving: 38 Years                           Lyft:                                    564
Rideshare Driving: 6 years                               Private Rides:                  412
Est. Individual Passengers: 34
,200                5 College Rideshare:     297   

Jan 2023 Mass Background Check Certified

I have always loved driving, there is a freedom out on the open road.
I have always been a people person as i have previously owned a DJ & videography business

with both people and punctuality are imperative.
    In the past several months I have discussed the idea of starting my own ride-share company but didn't really pursue it until learning how much of a struggle it was for students to find a ride that didn't break the bank.
    The Name 5 College Rideshare is student suggested as are many other features I have followed through with. I believe students know best on what they look for when it comes to getting around town, so I take a lot of stock in their opinions.
    I am also a parent of five so i know the patents safety concerns of their student. I try to stay in constant communication with the passenger and or the parent with schedules rides and also share trips via google maps.
    This website and company is new to the scene so i am still working on several new things and ideas to implement.
    If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact me, I will listen!
    I wish you all the best and safe travels.

    Sincerely, Christopher Howell
    5 College Rideshare



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